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iPad Rental

We offer all three sizes of iPads. iPad mini, iPad 9.7 and iPad Pro 12.9, WiFi or Cellular version for you to choose from.

Every iPad comes standard with decent black colour smart protective case and genuine Apple charger and Lightning cable. For medium to large deployment, all iPads will be shipped in heavy duty utility roller briefcases. So, you won’t get messy in transporting large numbers of iPads.

 You will receive fully charged, fully sanitised and shiny iPads from us every time. 

iPad Stand Rental

We have the widest range of iPad stands in town. Lightweight handgrip cases, full-metal table-top kiosks and branding floor stands with built-in power supply are a few examples.

We always have aesthetics, security and durability in mind. All of our kiosks and stands are supplied by globally renowned manufacturers. You can rest assured they will perform perfectly and safely even in the busiest public places.

There are many smart ways to use iPad stands in events.

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WiFi Rental

We have a complete range of WiFi solutions for the smallest event to the largest event.

Large Venue WiFi for events is another pioneering service created by iPad Rental Hong Kong. It provides smooth and reliable wireless Internet connectivity to hundreds of devices in any location indoor or outdoor. Though you may not need that WiFI beast all the time, we have AirPort Extreme for medium sized events and mobile WiFi with power bank for all-day-long Internet connectivity.

Choosing a suitable WiFi solution can be a headache sometimes.

Call our experts to ease the pain.

Label Printer Rental

Wireless label printer is an essential part of fast and efficient guest registration and check-in.

The latest Bluetooth enabled Brother QL-820NWB and the Brother QL-720NW are the de facto standards in the event industry. We will load up the printer with full paper roll and properly configure the printer for you. When you get the printer, it will be as simple as plug-and-play 😉

Apple TV Rental

Another amazing little gadget that can spice up your event. Basically, you can project whatever displayed on any iOS devices or Mac to big screen through AirPlay without cable clutters.

You may also like to play some party video games with your guests. It makes your event more social, relaxed and fun!

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Event Technologies as a Service

Enjoy the world's best event technologies without breaking the bank

Guest Registration | Check-in Apps

First impression is always the most important to your events. By streamlining the guest registration process and shortening the check-in queue will give your guests the warmest experience.

QR Code Ticketing

Combing online invitation, registration and QR Code e-tickets as well as Apple Passbook into one single effective guest management platform. On-site name badge printing is available.

Survey | Feedback

Using iPad for survey is a fast and efficient way to collect data and get  customer's feedback. We can design beautiful custom branded survey form capable of skip-logic and generate reports for you as required. We can also provide real-time monitoring to give you instant insights.

Conference | Meeting Apps

A comprehensive paperless solution for business meetings of any type and scale. Custom branding. Works on any mobile devices.

Live Polling

Engage your audience by creating live polls and display results in real-time. It works on any mobile device.

Digital Library | Media Gallery

Turning iPad into an eco-friendly offline library of PDFs, videos, photos and even Microsoft Office documents. We will help you to optimise your materials and organise the Home Screen layout to provide the best user experience.

About Us

We are the first company in Hong Kong to provide a dedicated iPad rental and consultancy service. Since our inception in 2010, we have grown to be the largest organization offering iPad rental and consultation services in Hong Kong. Every day we are serving market leading brands and facilitating global events and conferences. We have expanded our services to mainland China and established a sales support center in Shanghai making us the most reliable iPad rental and consultation company in the country.

With over 1000 happy customers we have worked with in renting iPads, supporting large events using iPads and developing iPad solutions for conferences, we are eager to create the “WOW!” with you in your next event.

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