iOS 7 Upgrade Plan



We’ve been testing the amazing and revolutionary iOS 7 for almost a month already. Everything works fine. ALL of the essential apps for events have passed our tests (e.g. guest check-in app, QR code ticketing app, kiosk app, catalogue app, … etc) We are happy about the performance as well. However, due to heavy demand for the full-size iPads, we have ONLY upgraded our iPad mini to iOS version 7.0.2 at the moment. We will upgrade the full-size iPads to version 7 by stages. So, when ordering full-size iPads from us, PLEASE remember to specify iOS version.

自iOS 7推出至今已經一個月了,我們已經測試過一些最常用app,如賓客管理app、QR Code票務app、展示app、等等。一切都令人滿意,運作性能也非常好。但鑑於客戶對大iPad的需求比較多,我們現時只能把iPad mini提升至iOS 7.0.2. 大iPad正分批更新。所以,當向我們查詢大iPad的時候,請記得說明所需的iOS版本。



Apple has REMOVED our favourite Photo Frame function!




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