iOS 7 Upgrade Plan

    We’ve been testing the amazing and revolutionary iOS 7 for almost a month already. Everything works fine. ALL of the essential apps for events have passed our tests (e.g. guest check-in app, QR code ticketing app, kiosk app, catalogue app, … etc) We are happy about the performance as well. However, due to...

iPad video broadcast

iPad Video Broadcasting Services

We proudly introduce our new services- iPad Video Broadcasting! It enables you to play your own video in various events, conferences and exhibitions venue. Furthermore, our system features real time remote controlling, allowing you to control the video player on site, make our system more flexible than ever. Welcome to call us for more details.

iPad mini for rent

iPad mini 有得租喇!

千呼萬戶 iPad mini 終於抵達 iPad Rental Hong Kong 喇!從今天起 iPad mini 白色極速 LTE 版本現已公開「招租」。要配合您在節日期間的推廣活動,請儘快預訂。 iPad mini has finally arrived iPad Rental Hong Kong! All the iPad mini are white colour LTE models. Due to limited stock, please reserve your iPad mini quick. Christmas and New Year are the greatest season to promotion and collecting customer...

iOS 6

iOS 6 Upgrade Plan

We just started the evaluation of iOS 6 upgrade to our iPad fleet today. Due to the huge demand in this season, we will not upgrade our iPads to iOS 6 immediately except requested. iOS 6 正式推出的今天,我們已經立刻進行測試。但由於要顧及需求和app 兼容性,除非客戶要求,我們不會在短時間內進行大規模iOS 6 升級。


【明報專訊】消息人士稱,蘋果計劃在9月12日發布新一代iPhone,新iPhone會有更大的屏幕,機身更薄,預計新iPhone會支援新一代4G LTE高速流動網絡,科技網站iMore更稱,當天亦會發布iPad mini及新一代iPod nano,新iPhone將於9月21日開售。蘋果最新財務報告顯示,製造元件開支急增了11.5億美元,反映蘋果正準備推出新產品。喬布斯在臨終前,據報有參與新一代iPhone設計,新機或是喬布斯最後「遺作」。 Video 來源:香港寬頻電視

全城熱話:小學要全級學生買iPad捱轟 書價3倍 拒買可租每年2000元

學校也租iPad 給學生!! 【明報專訊】教育局早前撥款5000萬元推動電子教學,希望藉此遏抑書價。本報接獲家長投訴,石硤尾聖方濟各英文小學在沒有諮詢下,9月起於小三中、英文科全面推行電子教學,並要求所有學生購買iPad平板電腦作電子書,費用是購買課本至少3倍。校方指不會強迫學生買電腦,家長可以每年2000元向校方租用,連租用3年電腦即歸學生擁有,但總費用高達6000元,比一筆過購買貴28%。 節錄於2012年6月25日 明報新聞  

iPoint- 提供iPad 場地連WiFi上網,針對Apps 介紹、培訓和售後服務。

全港唯一提供iPad 場地連WiFi上網,針對Apps 介紹、培訓和售後服務。可容納20人,鄰近港鐵站。 地點:上環蘇杭街69號 請盡快到我們的網站查詢預約。 Daily rental of training room with Apple iPad + WiFi. Suitable for corporate training with class size in 20 people. Prime location. 2 minutes walk from MTR station. Address: 69 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan. Please come to our web site for enquiry and booking.

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