Rental Agreement

General Terms for Rental Services


  • “You” are the customer who signed the rental agreement and who is entitled to use the rental equipment and accessories.
  • “iPad Rental Hong Kong” and “iPad Rental China” are the brand names owned by Leapa Systems Limited, who is the owner of the rental equipment and accessories.
  • “Device” is the equipment rented to you for the contracted duration of the rental agreement and will include all parts and accessories fitted to it at the commencement of the rental service.


For personal rental, you must hold and produce a valid photo ID such as the Hong Kong Identity Card or a passport.

For company rental, you must hold and produce a valid business registration certificate.

A Rental Contract will be issued prior to the rental service commence which must be signed and chopped as a confirmation before the rental.

All payments, the rental charge, the add-on service fee and the security deposit must be settled before the commencement of the service. We accept cash, cheque, bank transfer and credit card payments. When paying by cheque, you are advised to prepare two separate cheques, one for the service fee and the other one for the security deposit. We will return the original security deposit cheque to you after the service period if there is no damage or lost to the Devices.


Condition of the Device

All of our rental equipment is properly maintained and sanitized before deployment. Upon receiving your rental equipment, you are required to check the condition of the Device. If any apparent defect is found, you must immediately inform us. If you do not contact us about any defects, the condition of the Device will be considered as good working condition.

You are required to return the Device in the same good working condition as it was provided at the start of the rental. In case of damage and lost, you are responsible for the full cost of repair and replacement.

Use of the Device

You must take care of the Device(s) and keep them in good condition. There is no restriction in how and where you use the Device(s) as long as they are returned in the same good working condition and you did not infringe any laws when using them.

For computing devices, such as iPads and MacBooks, you must sign out all of you Internet accounts, such as iCloud, iTunes, AppStore, Google, Facebook, etc. If you have set up any access password, you must remove those password as well. In case of password protection or by any other means (e.g. jail-breaking) that prevent us from erasing or resetting the Devices, those Devices will be considered as total lost and you are responsible for the costs for replacement.

For Devices installed with SIM cards rented from us, roaming data is disabled by default. If by any chance roaming data charge is incurred, you are responsible for the cost of it. If roaming data is required, please check with us for the roaming data plan.


During the rental service, if the Devices suddenly stop working or behave unexpectedly which is not caused by abnormal uses or accident, you must inform us for a free replacement.


Principle and Calculation

The Service Period is from the day the Devices leave our doors to the day the Devices return to us.

For any day(s) which we are closed for business that the Devices cannot be returned, there will not be any additional rental charge.

Extension of Rental

Should you wish to keep the Device for a period longer than that originally agreed service period, you must first contact us by phone or email us. In return, we will issue the extension rental agreement and associated invoice to you. You must settle the payment before the effective date of extension rental agreement.

Delivery and Collection Terms

In most cases, delivery and collection are free of charge if the following conditions are met:

  • Minimum order amount is met.
  • During our business hours.
  • Within the CBD areas.


You must inform us for order cancellation 7 days before the service period starts, otherwise there will be no refund for the service fee but the security deposit will be refunded in full.



Our base currencies are Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and U.S. Dollar (USD). We also accept many other currencies, such as CNY, EUR, JPY, KRW, etc via bank transfer and online credit card payment, however we will charge you a small fee for currency conversion and/or wiring fee which is based on our bank’s rate.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, bank transfer, cheques and online credit card payment.

For bank transfer, if there is any bank transfer fee incurred when refunding the security deposit, we will deduct the amount from the total security deposit.

For cheques, you are advised to issue two separate cheques, one for the service fee and the other for the security deposit. We will not bank in the cheque for security deposit except there is any damage or lost.

For online credit card payment, we will refund the security deposit in full into your credit card without any handling charge if there is no damage of lost.


You are responsible for the full cost of repair and replacement if there is any damage or lost. We will first deduct the amount from the security deposit. If the amount does not make up the total cost of repair and replacement, we will charge you for the difference. We will not charge for handling the repair and replacement. The cost is solely determined by the authorized repair centre.


Data protection and privacy are the two most import elements that make us excel other IT equipment rental companies. Unless authorized by our clients, we will not keep any content and personal data in the Devices or our office computers/servers for over the allowed and agreed period of time. We will immediately perform full erase and reset of our Devices after the end of every service period. We are compliant with any data protection laws of any country, including the GDPR, because we do not keep or handle any unauthorized data from our customers.